Burgenstock  Real Photo Post Card RPPC93 Burgenstock with Mount Pilatus, Switzerland. Published by the Photoglob Co., Zurich. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Venice Real Photo Post Card RPPC94 Palazzo Ducale, Venice. Verso of card marked "Rajar". Circa 1910's. Unposted. $12.00
Mallorca Real Photo Post Card RPPC95 Carretera de Soller, Mallorca, Spain. Photo published by Casa Truyol, Palma de Mallorca. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $8.00
Mettelhorn Real Photo Post Card RPPC96 View of the Mettelhorn from the Weisshorn, Switzerland. Photo by J. Gaberell, Thalwil. Circa 1900's. Unposted. $12.00
Biarritz Real Photo Post Card RPPC97 La Grande Plage and the Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France. Photo by "Tito". Circa 1920's. Unposted. $8.00
Koenigsee Real Photo Post Card RPPC98

St. Bartholomew Chapel on the Königsee, Bavaria, Germany. Photo published by Uli Bild, Bad Reichenhall. Circa 1950's. Extra-size. Posted. $7.00

Ravello Real Photo Post Card RPPC99 Panorama of Ravello, Italy. Photo published by Domenico Trampetti, Naples. Circa 1910's. Unposted. $12.00
Laerdalsfjord Real Photo Post Card RPPC100 Laerdalsfjord, Norway. Circa 1900's. Posted. $10.00
Acropolis, Athens Real Photo Post Card RPPC101 Acropolis. Athens, Greece. Photo published by the Archaeological Society, (Athens?). Circa 1940's. Unposted. $10.00
Zagreb Real Photo Post Card RPPC102 Cathedral. Zagreb, Croatia. Photo by R. Simic-Naklada, Zagreb. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Prague Real Photo Post Card RPPC103 National Museum, Prague. Photo published by Foto-Fon, (Prague?). Circa 1930's. Unposted. $8.00
Switzerland Real Photo Post Card RPPC104 Mt. Männlichen and the Jungfrau, Switzerland. Photo published by Wehrli A. G., Zurich. Circa 1910's. $10.00
Koblenz Real Photo Post Card RPPC105 Koblenz, Germany with the new (1934) Moselbrücke in the background. Photo published by Hoursch & Bechstedt, Köln. Circa 1934-1943. Unposted. $8.00
Lausanne Real Photo Post Card RPPC106 Lausanne and the Alps, Switzerland. Photo published by Phototypie, Neuchâtel. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $8.00
Prague Real Photo Post Card RPPC107 Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, Prague. Circa 1910's. Unposted. $12.00
Krummhubel Real Photo Post Card RPPC108 Krummhübel and the Lomnitztalsperre, Silesia, Germany. Photo published by Alfred Männich, Hirschberg. Circa 1920's. Unposted.$8.00
Pforzheim Real Photo Post Card RPPC109 Pforzheim, Germany. Photo published by Schöning & Co., Lübeck. Circa 1930's. Unposted. $8.00
Bergen aan Zee Real Photo Post Card RPPC110 Bergen aan Zee, Holland. Photo by Jospe, Arnhem. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $8.00
Napoleon's Tomb Real Photo Post Card RPPC111 Tomb of Napoleon. Paris. Photo by "Estel". Circa 1940's. Unposted. $7.00
Landshut Real Photo Post Card RPPC112 Landshut, Germany. Photo published by Gebr. Metz, Tübingen. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $10.00
Lauterbrunnen Real Photo Post Card RPPC113 "Strasse in Lauterbrunnen". Switzerland. Photo published by Wehrli, Zurich. Circa 1920's. $12.00
Pornic Real Photo Post Card RPPC114 Plage de Gourmalon, Pornic. France. Photo by "Gaby". Circa 1950's. Unposted. $7.00
Schwarzwald Real Photo Post Card RPPC115 Mummelsee, Shwarzwald. Germany. Circa 1900's. Written on verso in pencil is the date "22. 11. 18". (November 22, 1918) An intriguing date, as it was only 11 days after Germany's surrender in World War One. Unposted. $10.00
Switzerland Real Photo Post Card RPPC116 Sphinx Pavilion and the Jungfrau. Switzerland. Photograph by Julius Burch, Wengen. Circa 1940's. Posted. $8.00
Neinburg Real Photo Post Card RPPC1 Staatliche Baugewerkschule, Nienburg. Germany. Photo published by Cramers, Dortmund. Circa 1920's. Unposted. $7.00

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